Friday, 30 October 2015

"It's starting again"

Calais Muir Wood and Duloch Park. A brief lunchtime diversion for when time is short


Taxon Group Number of Records Number of Taxa
bird 18 16
conifer 1 1
fern 3 3
flowering plant 9 9
fungus 3 3
insect - hymenopteran 1 1
lichen 2 2
liverwort 3 2
moss 11 11


Nothing really interesting so far, but you never know. An interesting patch in that it's basically an island on the edge of new housing development with a nice mix of trees and an area kept open by power lines is wet enough to hold Sphagnum.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Long time ...

It;s been almost a month since the last update from Cullaoe, though recording continues and records approach 750 species for the year. Of late fungi have been standing out, though these three not so much!

Two new species for the reserve and one new for me:

Leptosporomyces garzinii - new to me
Botryobasidium subcoronatum - v.commonly encountered

Botryobasidium conspersum - new to reserve