Reserve Views


(the second pic here was shamelessly stolen from Grahame and Janie's old Cullaloe blog)

How Cullaloe looked in 1946!
Immediately after the reservoir was drained


SE corner cmpt 1, cmpt 2, and pines in cmpt 6, 15/10/2013

Compartment 1a

NW corner 27/10/2013
From NW corner, 22/12/2013

Compartment 1b

Small Pond, 25/10/2013

Compartment 2

Looking N from paddock, 17/10/2013
Channel onto the reserve under the road
The grim-looking "third pond"

Compartment 3

Filter beds, 18/04/2013

Compartment 4b

Being mown - 09/10/2013

Compartment 6

Bordering cmpt 2, 26/10/2013

Compartment 7a

Along the burn in winter, looking south, Jan '15

Mossy Barrens, 16/10/2013
7a west from path, 29/10/2013

7a west from the banking path above the car park, 15/10/2013
Compartment 8

The "paddock", looking W, 28/10/2013
Eastern leg of cmpt 8, looking E, 28/10/2013

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