Monday, 29 June 2015

Spider day, 27th June

Miraculously a sunny day on Saturday allowed us to sweep like maniacs across the reserve in between days of rain and sodden vegetation. At least a couple of new species were added to the reserve list, with Tetragnatha montana being added to its more common cousin T.extensa. Also after finding many immature Clubionid spiders this year finally an adult male "took one for the team" to get the species on the list - see below. I think we have one more mature female which may or may not turn out to be not this species.

Still in pots are various spider, pseudoscorpions, harvestmen, a millipede.

Clubiona lutescens - 1 m. adult
Tetragnatha extensa - several
Metallina mengei - several
Enoplognatha ovata - several
Xysticus cristatus (probably? I had no adults when checked)
Paidiscura (Theridion) pallens - 1 with egg puch under oak leaf in woodland
Philodromus aureolus - one mature f. swept from meadow grass. These things are FAST.
Linyphiids - several potted for later examination

Clubiona lutescens

Paidiscura pallens

Additional spiders (thx KB) added with a couple more still in pots

Clubiona compta f - NEW
Clubiona lutescens f - NEW
Tetragnatha montana mf - NEW
Hypomma bituberculum f - NEW
Gongylidium rufipes mf - NEW
Philodromus aureolus mf - NEW
Enoplognatha ovata m
Lepthyphantes obscurus f - NEW
Pardosa pullata f
Araniella sp., probably cucurbitina f
Microlinyphia pusillla f
Neriene montana f
Neriene peltata f
Linyphia hortensis f
Ceratinella brevipes f - NEW
Diplocephalus picinus f - NEW
Clubiona reclusa f
Dismodicus bifrons f - NEW
Agyneta conigera f - NEW
Maso sundevalli f - NEW
Tiso vagans m

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