Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Awkward time

It's that awkward time of the year, when everything is so abundant that you need 24 hours and a clone to keep up. Awkward but amazing. Fungi are beginning to come into their own while invertebrate life continues apace.

A quick moment to refocus and re-assess targets:
46 of 100 fungi have been recorded
2 out of 5 harvestmen have been recorded
22 out of 25 beetles have been recorded
53 out of 125 moth species, though this should be remedied soon (weather and focussing on other sites)
35 out of 50 spiders have been recorded

I think I will downgrade the moth target because other hectads need the recording effort. The rest are fair game though. Also after the summer rush calms down I should be able to pick up a lichen or two.

For the moment here's a calming picture of a Ringlet

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