Monday, 1 February 2016

January roundup

So a very decent start to the year saw me successfully resist the temptation to full on listing and focus on new species. 25 new species were added to the catalgoue. Most of these were new and most fungal, but some were roundups from previous records through Fife Nature (especially springtails, oddly) and one re-determination via iRecord added Sloe Shieldbug (making T.Bantock another new contributor to the Cullaloe story - many thanks!)

The latest additions on the 31st were the lichens Hypotrachyna revoluta and Cladonia digitata. Sadly since I found the first record for Fife about a week before somewhere else I robbed the reserve of a medal! It's nice though

This means the lichen total slowly edges towards 50 and semi-respectability. Double that ought to be more like the final tally though.

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