Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Away day - Dumbarnie Links - 12/03/2016

A nice away day in lovely mild spring weather produced a catalogue of delights well worth the time spent meandering around

A nice addition to the reserve list which was inside the south pilbox was this Herald moth

None of the expected butterflies seemed to be present though - did they leave already?

There were a few nice lichens, some of which I could recognise ...

Acarospora fuscata on a boulder in the main slack
Lecanora chlarotera on an "imported" hawthorn

Lecidella elaeochroma - same hawthorn

Phaeophyscia orbicularis on pillbox bricks
and some which I couldn't ...

Pillbox - Lecidella scabra?

low down on Sycamore trunk
Some recognisable invertebrates showed up...

Phaedon tumidulus

Tenuiphantes tenuis

Thoracochaeta zosterae
and some others which still await determination.

Last but not least a few fungi popped up, but mostly the microfungi type at this time of year

A pyrenomycete on gorse

Phoma (Metasphaera) complanata

Tubercularia vulgaris - to be confirmed
For each group there are still outstanding samples to be determined - the sign of a productive day!

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