Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Percy Grimshaw

Recently I had the fortune to be able to pot a pair of small flies while walking at Red Moss reserve in the Lothians. It turned out that the species, Hydrophorus nebulosus, had not been recorded in the 100km square NT since 1903, when it was recorded by Percy Grimshaw.

By chance I came across a photo of him today while looking for information on his career, and oddly found it a moving experience. Percy was born in Leeds in 1869 and died in Edinburgh in 1939. In 1893 he started working for the Royal Scottish Museum as an entomologist and from 1930-35 was "Keeper of Natural History".

He seems to have co-authored an Atlas of Zoogeography with Eagle Clark and J G Bartholomew (the geographer and cartographer who named Antarctica!), but so far I haven't found anything more. Over that many years he must have made a significant contribution to Scottish entomology. He also must have dodged or survived the Great War I suppose.

Photo reference:

Atlas of Zoogeography:

Remarkably, Percy Grimshaw was also the first occupant of Number 1, Coronation Street, though that was an altogether different Percy Grimshaw: 

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