Thursday, 5 December 2013

Diary 2nd-8th Dec

2nd Dec

Reserve starting to look a bit brown, although the weather is pretty mild still and the water is completely open again. A good time, probably, to scour for Bryophytes. I'm looking forward to crossing the burn to have a look at the one below

4th Dec
Taking a break from bryophytes for a day, I bumped into two fine fungi in the Compartment 6 - the woodland area. The first is Common Rustgill, growing on chopped up fallen tree pile, while the second remains a mystery. At first glance appear Hygrocybe because of glutinous cap, but not the shape you'd expect. Jury remains out. Took one example for examination and left another in hopes I can watch its progress. Given the winds on the 5th the whole thing may have blown away by now - Forth Road Bridge closed and all trains in Scotland cancelled!

5th Dec
Revisited the reserve to check on progress of two previously noted fungi - tricky to find under a thin veil of snow, but made out ok as the sun began to shine. Some twigs scattered around from the strong winds which have now passed

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