Thursday, 5 December 2013

New species add - Hygrophorus hypothejus, Herald of Winter to Fungi

Was there ever a more apposite name for a mushroom appearing a day before snow?

It took some digging around but finally the secret to unlock this was on the waxcap website

The uber-viscid cap made it seem waxcappy, although both examples present have flat caps, and the dry stipe helped to get to the ID too. It seems the freshness of the yellow may be an artefact of its youthfulness so it will be interesting to see how the one I left develops. Associated with pines and with trodden down areas - perfect, as they appeared on the path amongst the pines.It was also easy on google images to find examples with tightly involute margins.

Hygrophorus hypothejus, Herald of Winter

first-nature species page

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