Monday, 9 March 2015

Lunchtime roundup

This morning I dropped in and set up a few pitfall traps in a rather amateur and haphazard way. At lunchtime I was amazed to see that I had captured a ground beetle which I will attempt to key out later.

A wee bit of log rolling turned up a few White-legged Snake-millipedes (Tachypodoiulus niger) and as a thought while looking at the pond I gave some Pine needle litter a bit of a shake and produced a whopping and excitingly-patterned springtail (whopping and excitingly-patterned for a springtail, that is) - Orchesella cincta. Not a bad trip.

Caught and released millipede

My amateur-hour yoghurt pot pitfall trap

Hazel progression

Oncopsis flavicollis


  1. Oncopsis flavicollis is a leafhopper. The springtail looks like Orchesella cincta to me (I think it's the only one with that yellow abdominal band).

    Good to see you're getting into beetling!

    1. oops - hit comment rather than reply. see below... I'm prepared to consider ground and leaf beetles this time around, though what else I might get into through the year who knows!

  2. Hahaha! I let iRecord auto-complete ad chose wrong option no doubt! Thanks

  3. (mysteriously it is recorded correctly. No idea what happened there)