Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spring harvestman, spring fly!

A new harvestman and a new fly for the reserve yesterday. Platybunus triangularis is sometimes called the Spring Harvestman, since it's the only species normally active as an adult in spring

The new fly is the Tachinid Tachina ursina which I initially thought was a hoverfly until I looked at it more closely. It's a hairy one! I thought it could be tricky, although it's a distinctive fly. It was identified thanks to Brock's insect book and Colyer and Hammond "Flies of the British Isles"

"Another early spring species is Sevillia ursina which is of bigger build and looks like a brown Humble-bee, on account of its dense hairiness" - C&H

I like the antique-y touch of "Humble-bee". Makes me feel like I should be waving a kite net around in a tweed jacket..

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