Friday, 3 April 2015

Hopping mad

OK, so back to the hemipteroid of the other day. I ventured to look at it last night and lo and behold it is of the family Cicadellidae ("leafhopper") and the subfamily Typhlocybinae ("awkward leafhoppers")

Come and have a go ...
To my dismay on searching for a key online I immediately found that the EntSoc one is out of print and freely downloadable. Horribly this puts me into a position where I may actually identify it, but only with a modicum of bothersome effort. What the hell. If nothing better comes along I will. Hemiptera were firmly placed in the de-focussed area for this year, but it's hard to look a gift hopper in the mouth. No doubt it will be one of the family already on the reserve list too.

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