Thursday, 2 April 2015

Invertebrate Diary, April, Week 1

Sunny day, lunchtme visit
   1 Eristalis pertinax beside the path near the cottage (usual place!)
   1 Tachina ursina, same location
   1 small ground beetle, caught flying at same location

Lamping, 9pm
   2 Hebrew Character on sallow
   3 Common Quaker on sallow
   1 Chestnut on sallow
   1 Common Earwig on top of post with dead frog
   (also many mating toads on the path and even the main road)

Beating (all gorse)
   1 Metellina mengei beaten from Gorse
   1 beetle unidentified
Lamping, 10pm
   1 Hebrew Character on sallow
   1 Common Quaker on sallow
   4 Agonopterix heracliana scattered along path

   Several Metellina mengei on various trees

   1 imm. Larinioides cornutus swept from paddock
   1 Tetragnatha extensa with attached larva from paddock

   1 mature male Microneta viaria from woods
   3 mature male Dicymbium nigrum spiders

   1 imm. Larinioides cornutus swept from top of dam.
   1 Sepsid fly swept from above daffodils beside path but not identifiable to species
   2 Scathophagia stercoraria from beside the path
   1 Crumomyia fimetaria from woods pitfall

   Filter beds - springtails only
   Other traps not checked

A quickie tour in the evening before sundown

Pitfall traps
   1 globular springtail (Dicyrtomina saundersi ) from woods - 3rd for Scotland
   1 Sciarid fly from beneath rotten upright 'stump'

   Tetragnatha - many
   Sheep tick - 2
   Linyphiid spider - one female, 2-2-2-2, TmIV absent, TmI @ 0.25-0.30, not yet determined
   Owl midge from beside path

Beating unidentified conifer
   Orange Ladybird Halyzia sedecimguttata (new to reserve)
   2 small green Hemiptera
   A few immature spiders
   Many unidentified small flies

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