Monday, 20 January 2014

Diary 15th-21st Jan, 2014

15th Jan
Raining today, so water levels won't recede to allow me to log three submerged bryophytes I know are there (plus who knows what else). I did get around to processing some Dicronella heteromalla I had in a box last night, taking the total to 88 with also Hypnum cupressiforme still not on the list I think.

Actually from yesterday, a pic of the little known "third pond" at Cullaloe. Pretty horrible looking, and the area around it is quite dangerous - steep and slippery. Wonder if anything could be made of it.

16th Jan
Revisited cpt 2 around the third pond, but couldn't get to dangerous fungi tree. I think it's do-able but not in work clothes. Also sampled Willow Brain fungus (Exidia recusa) from a previously encountered spot, and added Hypnum cupressiforme and silver birch to the year list, taking us into the 90s.

89    Betula pendula, Silver Birch
90    Exidia recisa, Willow Brain
91    Hypnum cupressiforme, Cypress-leaved Plait-moss

17th Jan
Lunchtime trawl along the ditch in compartment 6 turned up some new stuff, including the completely new Fissidens. Also something else that I still have in my bag for checking later. Should make the hundred tomorrow - hopefully with something nice :)

92    Fissidens taxifolia, Great Pocket-moss
93    Pellia epiphylla, Overleaf Pellia
94    Rhizomnium punctatum, Dotted Thyme-moss
95    Anser brachyrhynchus, Pink-footed Goose
96    Larus argentatus, Herring Gull (forgotten from earlier somehow)

18th-19th Jan
Some work on previously sampled bryophytes and a weekend session added a good few species. Highlights were White dead-nettle in flower, Common Inkcap and about 500 Woodpigeons. New additions were as follows:

097    Diplophyllum albicans, White Earwort
098    Motacilla cinerea, Grey Wagtail
099    Pyrrhula pyrrhula, Bullfinch
100    Regulus regulus, Continental Goldcrest
101    Cruciata laevipes, Crosswort
102    Lamium album, White Dead-Nettle
103    Phragmites australis, Common Reed
104    Coprinopsis atramentaria, Common Ink-Cap
105    Mycena filopes, Iodine Bonnet
106    Trametes gibbosa, Lumpy Bracket
107    Trametes versicolor, Turkeytail

20th Jan
Lunchtime additions on a mild day with some sunshine. My first woodlouse records, both from the woodland. The Pygmy from the two fallen rotting logs, and the others from under one of the few stones in the woodland (the only stone?):

108    Stereum hirsutum, Hairy Curtain Crust
109    Trichoniscus pusillus, Common Pygmy Woodlouse
110    Oniscus asellus, Common Shiny Woodlouse
111    Dacrymyces stillatus, Common Jellyspot
112    Malus sylvestris, Crab Apple

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