Monday, 13 January 2014

Verdant vascularity

Lunchtime turned up a vascular plant addition to the year list in the form of Cleavers (or "sticky willie" as I'm more used to it being called). In other parts of the reserve there were some green shoots about too, but will the real winter come and shut them down again?

Water is half frozen with some Teal and Wigeon hanging about in the open water. Mute Swan pair milling about too - too early to make a nesting attempt?

Also encountered at lunchtime a few fungi - a cluster of brown ones on leaf litter that I fancy to be Tubarea furfuracea, and a bracket that I don't know. Also I now realise that the jelly I ignored because I have recorded it on the reserve hasn't been recorded yet in 2014. That also goes for Winter Polypore I now realise, and I didn't even take a picture of either.

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