Monday, 20 January 2014

Weekend additions

A worthwhile two hour session on the reserve on Saturday managed to turn up a few additions. Of note were flowering White Dead-nettle (chances of pollenation?) and some new fungi. There were also two species of moss which are still on the dissecting table giving me trouble. Both will undoubtedly be common - I just don't know what they are yet!

Additions are:
098    Motacilla cinerea, Grey Wagtail
099    Pyrrhula pyrrhula, Bullfinch
100    Regulus regulus, Continental Goldcrest
101    Cruciata laevipes, Crosswort
102    Lamium album, White Dead-Nettle
103    Phragmites australis, Common Reed
104    Coprinopsis atramentaria, Common Ink-Cap
105    Mycena filopes, Iodine Bonnet
106    Trametes gibbosa, Lumpy Bracket
107    Trametes versicolor, Turkeytail

This puts me well over the 100 target for January with still 10 days remaining, and an encouraging number of new species both for me and the reserve. Given there were no fungi records and precious few bryophyte records that was to be expected, but I think fungi may end up contributing more than I had anticipated.

White Dead-nettle also turned out, remarkably, to be new to the reserve list

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