Friday, 21 February 2014

Diary 19th-26th feb

Feb 19th
A blustery couple of days with no new additions but lots of emerging greenery. Should lead to a sudden jump of vascular plant recording shortly I predict.

Feb 21st
Hairy Bitter-cress, Cardamine hirsuta, beginning to flower on the path. A first for me, although a common enough plant. NBN shows it just about everywhere, and I have seen it before in lots of places. At least, I suppose I have. There seem to be other candidates that could confuse without close inspection.

Feb 25th
Dropped into the reserve during a sunny lunchtime. Picked up a couple of mosses for closer inspection, but I'm sure they're already listed. The green shoots (... of recovery ...) are well advanced now, and I'll be able to add some of those shortly I hope. The water was strangely quiet with a few Coot and a couple of Tufty hanging about

Feb 26th
A few vegetative additions this morning. Better to get the ones I know out of the way before I have to start keying out plants en masse! I also have a couple of Rumex spp. (Dock/Sorrel) to check out and a thistle leaf which should be identifiable - should I be embarrassed not to know already? Feels like it.

178   Taraxacum officinale agg.   Dandelion
179   Sambucus nigra   Elder
180   Plantago lanceolata   Ribwort Plantain
181   Narcissus sp.   Daffodil

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