Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Stripey slug surprise - Arion subfuscus

A nice surprise in amongst mosses at lunchtime, this attractive little stripey slug presumably enjoying the moist surrounds

Not sure what my expectation should be for February. January was a much bigger month than expected, and I should aim to be somewhere up around 400 by midsummer I expect. Vascular plants are starting to show through but aren't really kicking off. That is to say, they could be manageable in terms of how many I can try to identify. Mosses are harder to add to now, obviously, although weekend forays to the back of the reserve could still turn up a few I am hoping. March will not only include a ramp up of plants but also inverts, including the first moth night. I reckon by the end of March that I'll be in between 250 and 300 somewhere.
I guess in February I will hope to be somewhere between 200 and 250 then, at about 1 species per day added.

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