Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Diary Feb 5th-11th

Feb 5th
Dusky slug and Kneiff's Feather-moss added from lunchtime visit. Drake Gadwall continues to hang around, along with a flock of Fieldfare, although today that flock also contained some Starlings. Weather continues to be mild (c6 degrees) and overcast/rainy

Feb 6th
Drake Pochard is back. Coot numbers up to 13 (or at least I was able to see 13).

Found healthy colonies of Climacium dendroides and Calliergon cordifolium at the spillway at lunchtime, and another species from the side of the spillway channel which I need to ID. Looks like something I didn't see before (it was Hygroamblystegium tenax, which I'd seen before at Blairadam)

Feb 7th
A lunchtime visit to collect a moss from the eastern leg walltop, as yet unidentified, helped with two additions to the bird list - a Jay screeching from the woods and a Skylark in full song in the wintery sunshine.

Feb 10th
Added Racomitrium ericoides to list from Mossy Barrens. List from the January Bryo meet came out with some new additions for the overall list, including some I don't yet know how to identify

Feb 11th
Last day of this week rained off, with Plagiomnium rostratum, Long-beaked Thyme-moss, added from the field collection box. 174 spp seen, and about 1 per day average required to make 500.

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