Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bitten by a Weasel

Heard a screeching noise in the path-side grasses at lunchtime and followed it until I discovered a Weasel chasing something around. It was totally distracted by its prey - enough for me to pick it up, with predictable results. It immediately turned its attention to my finger, and I couldn't get a photo of it before I had to concede defeat. Shame my zoom doesn't focus below 1.8m or I would have been able to grab a photo.

I've seen lots of Stoats before on the reserve, including one catching a rabbit, and in Ermine mode, but never a Weasel as far as I know. It was pretty small (most of it fit into my hand), and had a shortish, all-brown tail.

It was quite a chubby little thing, so I don't think I affected it too badly by causing it to miss this meal.

(after some googling I can't help wondering if the behaviour of this Weasel was in fact due to something more sinister than focus on prey. Apparently wild Weasels die often because of nematode worms eating their brains. Not something I want to dwell on! link)

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