Monday, 18 November 2013

Bryophyte lunchtime

Went to seek out the long-nerved moss from wall photo, try for a better picture of the Liverwort previously found and look for Bracken Club fungus.

Mission one failed, as I couldn't re-locate it in the time allotted - I'm assuming it's still there though. Mission 2 had a so-so result since it's quite dark where the liverwort lives (pic #1 below), and mission 3 proved fruitless, maybe because the timing is wrong. Bracken is dead and dry but maybe not ready to be fungified yet.

However ... mission 1 turned up Grey Cushion Moss, not yet photographed/recorded (by me), and mission 2 seems to have unearthed my second liverwort 2 (pic #2 below). That will be re-visited tomorrow.

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