Friday, 29 November 2013

Diary 25th Nov - 1st Dec

25th Nov

Water frozen over, so not many waterbirds about. Spillway running gently with no ice on edges. Some ice in filter beds, where the vegetation is clear enough to show extensive silting at the pond dipping platform. Bryophyte investigation continues, with Variable Crisp-Moss added (pics) from the elders and Little Shaggy Moss removed from the list for the time being for further investigation (it was wrong).

27th Nov
Mild weather - 12 degrees. Moss hunt at lunchtime to cover mossy barrens, but there was chainsaw work underway so I side-stepped it. Did manage to snag photos of Pointed Spear-moss though. Also this morning took bryophyte list from mgt plan and put on here. Counts at lunchtime, with another two mosses and a mushroom to be checked tonight, are:

Mine Total Photo New
Vertebrate - Birds 119 135 57 4
Vertebrate - Other 10 16 2 3
Invertebrate - Lepidoptera 35 76 30 40
Invertebrate - Other 20 223 19 5
Plants - Vascular 117 248 112 15
Plants - Bryophytes 10 19 10 5
Fungi 19 19 19 19
Lichens 4 4 4 4

334 740 253 95
29th Nov
Dropped into the reserve this morning to pick up some moss and scored another 2 species which I haven't identified yet, on top of the one unidentified species I went for. All of them in the mossy barrens, where a few birches have been chopped down and laid in an extravagantly tall pile. A couple of smaller trees have also been chopped back in the barren areas - nice to keep those open as they have a unique contribution to the reserve in terms of moss, lichen and fungi.

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