Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Diary - 18th-24th Nov

18th Nov
Glorious autumn colours.Found new liverwort, as yet unidentified, on the first big oak into the woods.
Added Grey Cushion Moss to Bryophyte pictures
Added Iodine Bonnet to Fungi

19th Nov
Sub-zero overnight and a clear cold day today. Collected two species of liverwort from oak at lunchtime for closer inspection. Goldeneye female on the pond is new for the year list, taking it to 89.
Added Forked Veilwort, to Bryophytes pictures

20th Nov
Windy night means the road is covered with leaves, especially ash leaves. A harvestman I picked up yesterday by accident turned out to be Megabunus diadema - very cool. This morning the Goldeneye was still there, so I got a better (but not by much) shot of it.

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