Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fungal theme continues - Beech Knight, Tricholoma sciodes

With the rain that's been swamping everything the water levels are back up where they started so no wader action! On the other hand there's a surge in fungal fruiting with some Mycena captured and some Gymnopus sp. which I supposed was G.erythropus but which might not be. What is for sure is a lovely Beech Knight fungus which sadly seems mostly to have been chomped by something

Working data-sheet

Munched Beech Knight

Small selection

Blackening gill edges

Stipe fibrils

Pileus - lack of abundant clamps noted in the keys

Radially fibrillose silver-grey cap,

Quickie aqueduct section
From NBN this seems to be a species which has no VC85/Fife records:

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