Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The accidental dipterist

I seem to have wandered into flies ... took delivery of a lovely stereo zoom microscope last night and spent a good hour perusing some voucher specimens. Good times. Here's a shot (not from the microscope) of the new addition to the reserve, NT18, Fife and VC85 list from yesterday (there are probably records not on NBN of course. ..)

In additon to the great finds of this and the Conops yesterday I also keyed out Platycheirus scutatus (s.l - it was a female) from the same day. That takes me to 41 species for the year, with another Cheilosia which is of the variabilis group and therefore also new. If not this year, then next year my target will certainly be 50, as well as trying to record more good data on host etc.

Funny, I never really took to beetles, but I'm loving the flies!

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