Tuesday, 26 August 2014


In early autumnal/late summer sunshine I headed for Cullaloe at lunchtime in hopes of snagging another species of hover to add to the list. I did, however, plan a detour into the woodland to increase my chances and to cast an eye over the woodland floor. Hovers? Well, there were some, but nothing new, and another nice Conops to keep the ball rolling. However, the woods were alive with fungi - I had to be selective about what I took as I am already two species 'in the hole' on fungus ID.

Beech Sickeners were everywhere, in their usual half chomped state. There was another Russula which is more of a tan brown, and it too was abundant. Beechwood knights were everywhere. Stump Puffballs were coming up - just an early outburst and not the profusion that will presumably come later on the upright trunk. There was also this richly-featured bolete with a saffron glaze and a lovely cracked cap. wish I had seen it in its prime!

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