Monday, 18 August 2014

Non fungus addition - hoorah! Hoverfly Chrysotoxum arcuatum

"Dropped in" to Cullaloe car park to check out the water mint, of which there is sadly only a small patch. First swept the hover Syritta pipiens from the flowers, but while doing so I caught the strap of my binoculars on the hand rail, snapping the strap and causing my bins to "drop in" to the water - Oh No! Fortunately there's so much vegetation that I was able to fish them out and check out a couple of overhead Ravens that were slowly drifting past south.

Syritta pipiens wasn't a new addition, of course, but Chrysotoxum arcuatum was - my first hover with porrect antennae, and probably my only one give the range of its congenitors. Pics to follow.

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