Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Coverage and complications

Still having trouble getting images off my camera to PC, which is infuriating. Still, records for the year so far have come from the squares below, and species list is at 147 with fungi and plants leading the line.

Many of the species recorded in the easternmost squares will also be in other ones, but not always. Peniophora lycii (a corticioid fungus) is one example of a species I have only (so far) found in the eastern leg. Additionally that's where the Phragmites is and some other fungi are only recorded from one large dead tree. The wall that runs along the northern edge is covered with mosses, and maybe from the spring there will be some invertebrate action - certainly there are hoverflies.

It's a shame that once the Canary Reed-grass gets going it effectively cuts off the path, which is itself a bit dodgy. Mind you I expect not many visitors get that far anyway.

Taxon Group Records Taxa
bird 24 23
conifer 1 1
fern 1 1
flowering plant 47 43
fungus 35 27
insect - true fly (Diptera) 1 1
lichen 3 3
liverwort 9 7
moss 44 40
terrestrial mammal 1 1

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