Friday, 30 January 2015

End of January - 209 species

No visit tomorrow, so today's totals are the same as tomorrow's. Coverage in January has been pretty good, and some squares with no apparent records were visited but I didn't record from them. I will try to do the same coverage in each month in order to find those corners where things grow quietly undisturbed and unseen. There's nothing much going on in the paddock at this time of year and the side of the burn is mostly Canary Reed-grass.

The first target of the year has been reached - 5 lichens. Hopefully I can expand on that a bit, but probably not much! Birds are already half way there, but about par for the course with only Pintail counting as unexpected (an annual drop-in passage visitor almost certainly). Bryophytes at 62 are almost to the target I intend to aim for (75) and which should comfortably be reached. The most gratifying aspect is the 18 new species already recorded in what is one of the quieter periods of the year. Now I only have to record one species every 4 days to reach 100, although in reality I expect to easily exceed that.

Numbers by group:

Taxon Group Records Taxa
bird 47 42
conifer 1 1
crustacean 1 1
fern 1 1
flowering plant 69 60
fungus 43 35
insect - true fly (Diptera) 1 1
lichen 5 5
liverwort 12 10
moss 66 52
terrestrial mammal 1 1

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