Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cataloguing Cullaloe

In 2000 or so a 10 year plan was drawn up for management of Cullaloe Wildlife Reserve (Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve). In that plan was a list of the inhabitants of the reserve. This is my mad attempt to see, identify and add to that list in whatever bioform presents itself.

To that end I have branched out from birds(I originally performed the breeding birds survey for that management plan) and will now attempt to understand as much as I can about the rest of it. If I am lucky, I hope that the list (my list, I mean) may extend to as many as 1000 species (let's target 500 first!). Even if I'm not I'm sure I will learn a lot about wildlife along the way - botany, entomology, ornithology ... and whatever comes to hand. In additon I hope that this knowledge may extend its usefulness beyond the borders of Cullaloe.

Hopefully I will be able to accompany a lot of it with photographs and species features.

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