Tuesday, 17 September 2013

List - Insects - Hymenoptera

Pics of Cullaloe's Hymenoptera

Family Scientific Name English Name
Apidae Bombus hortorum Garden Bumblebee
Apidae Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed Bumblebee
Apidae Bombus lucorum White-tailed Bumblebee
Apidae Bombus pascuorum Common Carder Bee
Apidae Bombus pratorum Early Bumblebee
Apidae Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed Bumblebee
Apidae Psithyrus sylvestris (AKA Bombus sylvestris), a Cuckoo-bee
Formicidae Lasius niger Black Garden Ant
Formicidae Myrmica ruginodis an Ant
Ichneumonidae Ichneumon albiger a Parastic Wasp
Ichneumonidae Ichneumon extensorius a Parastic Wasp
Sphecidae Ectemnius continuus a Square-headed Wasp
Tenthredinidae Pontania bridgmanii Willow Bean Sawfly
Vespidae Dolichovespula sylvestris Tree Wasp

With thanks to Stuart Roberts of BWARS for correction on Bombus Pratorum (via iRecord)

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