Wednesday, 25 September 2013

List of Contributors

Many species on the lists won't have been seen by me, and depend on the observations of others. I'd like to credit those who have contributed, with their permission of course.

AI - Alexander Irvine (various)
BC - Brian Coppins (lichens)
DD - Duncan Davidson (Lepidoptera)
DR - Derek Robertson (birds)
GB -Grahame Boath (moths etc.)
GC - Gordon Corbet (inverts)
GL - Gerald Legg (arachnidae)
KB - Katty Baird (arachnidae)
KS - Kenny Stevenson (butterflies)
PM - Peter M.MacDonald
RM - Roger Morris (hovers -via iRecord)
RW - Rob Wallace (inverts)
RWg - Roy Watling (fungi)
SB - Stephen Buchan (website)
SK - Simon Kennedy
TB - Tim Brain (moths)
TBk - Tristan Bantock (bugs, via iRecord)
VK - Vladimir Krivtsov

British Bryological Society - SW & Central Scotland Recording Group
Bill's Birding
FGSES - Fungus Group of South East Scotland
Scottish Wildlife Trust - link

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