Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Chiff Chaff and Kestrel take year list to 200!

Well, I walked the butterfly transect, distracted occasionally by various things, including a Chifffchaff, a Kestrel (which I didn't record here in 2013!), a bee - unidentified - and a hoverfly which made ID hard by perching on my camera lens facing me. I got some pics in the end but who knows whether it can be identified. Net and pots in the post! Plus, look at that blue sky!! 14 degrees. Braw :)

A red-letter day as these two take the 2014 species list to 200!!! (list)

Wait - stand by your beds -  due to a glitch in the matrix daffodil has been recorded twice, once only by genus, and iRecord output it twice as different species. 199. Time for pulling out the hoverfly books

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