Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Round up of numbers as at end of February. With a target of 500, expanded a little to 525 to allow for failures, I am about 2/5 of the way there. We're in a lull between winter and spring but it's an OK start I think. To reach a total of 500 I need to record 1.04 species/day for the rest of the year, which sounds very do-able. I've recorded hardly any vascular plants yet - even ignoring largely trees which I know the ID of so far. Birds are going as expected, but then I have enough experience to guess that accurately, and now I have the water key the water levels should be ideal for picking up more migrant waders. Can't believe I haven't seen a deer yet!

With three official moth nights and a recently acquired moth trap (thank you, DD) a target of 75 lepidoptera should prove cautious. Other inverts may depend on luring some expert help, although I have already found some new ones for me - just takes some time to establish IDs on them.

Efforts since I started all this nonsense last year have raised the species list overall for the reserve from something in the 600s to nearly 900 - not all my own records. I really hope to take that to 1000 this year or next. Some of the species I have added are very common - just not looked for.

2014 2014 Target % of
Target Actual left target
Birds 90 51 39 56
Vert other 5 1 4 20
Lepidopt 75 0 75 0
Invert other 50 5 45 10
Vascular 200 31 169 15
Bryophytes 50 80 -30 160
Fungi 50 14 36 28
Lichens 5 3 2 60
525 185 340 35

Days left: 302
Species left: 315
Rate required: 1.04/day

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