Monday, 24 March 2014

Diary 20-26th March

20th Mar
When looking for Corticiaceae in the woods I came across Pignut (much more discovered later in cpt8). I failed to find any corticioids but picked up an asco in the form of a Kretzschmaria.I also picked up a beetle and a millipede which are yet to be identified. The weather was grim with high winds and rain both in the morning and the afternoon.

22nd Mar
A couple of  Salix spp that I already knew manifested themselves as alive and ready to go for another season so I added them - Salix cinerea and Salix viminalis (Grey/Common Willow and Osier). Some Linnets also flew overhead which also turned out to be unrecorded thus far in 2014.

24th Mar
Sunny day with ice to begin and c.12 degrees at lunchtime. did a quick circuit above the car park but no new records. about 100 Colts-foot flowers on the banking are nice, and a wide variety of leaves are pushing through. I might try to identify the Alchemilla that's coming up soon (it's A.glabra, but I'll key it out anyway!). I'm now on 221 without having added Meadow Thistle yet. It's 24th March, so there are 7 days left and a moth night is coming up. What are my chances of reaching the half way point before the end of the month?

26th Mar
Noticed Honeysuckle leaves on a bright sunny morning, which started with ice on the car window. Alchemilla glabra is all around now on the verges and in the short grass, particularly in the car park surrounds.Two dead toads with spawn scattered around. One being fed on by buzzard this lunchtime, and the other dismembered by the spillway. There was a Heron there yesterday, but it may not have been the culprit.

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