Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Curled Dock, Rumex crispus

Thought I had Curled Dock on my hands a couple of times this year, so I keyed it out in Poland (link) last night for the practice as much as the reassurance.

Leaves revolute when young
Usually mild acidic taste
Ochreae (fused stipules) always present at least when young

Leaves mostly basal
Leaves pinnately veined, not orb (at least wider than long)
Leaves not hastate (spear shaped)
Leaves green, hairless -> Dock D

Leaves slightly rounded-cordate at base
Leaves crisped-undulate, 8-30x1.5-5cm, more than 4 times as long as wide
Leavs greyish-green, thickish

Thus saith Poland

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