Friday, 28 March 2014

Diary 27th March - 2nd April

28th March
Good morning with 3 corticioids picked up (sensu lato), and a re-connection with Brown Centipede. The identifiable corticioid, Jelly Rot, is one I'm familiar with from elsewhere, and was on a piece of wood I picked up because of another, fantastically toothy, corticiod. I'm hoping that's quirky enough to help with ID

Despite some obvious casualties to predation, some frogs have made it to the water. What should I do, though, knowing that the tadpoles will probably all end up dessicated? I'm tempted to relocate them

2nd April
A rainy day yesterday meant no visit. Another wet morning this morning meant everything was wet, but the rain wasn't so bad. The wet and mild weather encouraged loads of slugs out, with 20 or so on the path to the hide alone. Grove Snails were apparent in the woldflower compartment and a toad was bumbling its way along the path between the woods and the hide. Red clover leaves are becoming more apparent, and there are still numerous leaves of unidentified plants all over. Barren Strawberry flowers were out beside the filter beds. Numbers at end of morning 2nd April:

2014 2014 Target % of
Target Actual left target
Birds 90 62 28 68
Vert other 5 3 2 60
Lepidoptera 75 1 74 1
Invert other 50 14 36 28
Vascular 200 56 144 28
Bryophytes 50 80 -30 160
Fungi 50 18 32 36
Lichens 5 3 2 60
525 237 288 45
(Heron from 25/3 added as I didn't realise it was a year 'tick')

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