Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The march of the vasculars (and a second rust based on them!)

So the year started with a sprint on bryophytes and a steady progression of bird species, and they still make up the lion's share of the total. However, every day now the vascular plants are stacking up and Germander Speedwell is the latest addition to the list, flowering on the reserve path. #214

A rust found below the leaf (or on the adaxial side!) of a Rubus sp. was Phragmidium bulbosum, another common and familiar sight. I'm looking forward to putting it under the microscope. Could prove to be P.violaceum. Whether I can tell the difference is another question(I read that "P. bulbosum has mostly 5 septa, P. violaceum mostly 3" - let's see)

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