Monday, 12 May 2014

Almost at the 300!

So, we're at 299. A couple of species actually only ID'd to genus, but I will hope to exceed the 500 target by a bit anyway. I also have a fungus which I have processed a bit but not keyed out and a Ranunculus sp. which ought to be easy when I do it. The 300 will definitely be left behind this week for sure though.

A good weekend on the reserve saw several Hoverflies re-recorded, and a couple of new ones. Butterflies were out in force, although made up exclusively of Green-veined Whites and Orange Tips (loving the Cuckoo Flower and Garlic Mustard respectively).

I found a new Speedwell for me on the side of the path - Green Field Speedwell (Veronica agrestis) and I relocated a rust (Trachyspora intrusa) recorded previously on the underside of Alchemilla leaves.

On the more prosaic side Earwigs are starting to show up everywhere, so one more to throw on the pile!

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