Friday, 9 May 2014

Diary 7th-13th May

8th May
Lunchtime visit saw me thinking about doing a butterfly transect but with changeable weather I ended up just walking around the banking at the east of cpt-4b. First up I spotted a nice looking micro moth which I was able to photograph and then capture, but in the process I also managed to pick up one other micro and a beaten-up looking macro which flew up from the grass. It was clearly warm and sunny enough and I also picked up a hoverfly.

Moths came out as Spruce Carpet, Ancylis badiana (a micro with a name! Common Roller) and the other as yet unconfirmed. Hover was Rhingia campestris

9th May
The only addition for the day was Tormentil, which was flowering beside the path in a small patch. More will emerge later certainly.

10th May
Two hovers picked up today in quick succession - Melanostoma scalare and Dasysyrphus albostriatus, both small species and feeding on Daisy and Cuckooflower, although honestly I can't remember which on which.

11th May
An Earwig in a Dandelion, Green Field Speedwell by the pathside and a rusty Alchemilla on the banking were today's scores

12th May
Went walking round the paddock to see if there were any St.George's mushrooms. There weren't. I did note a few species of flowering plant including a couple of species of grass that I don't know. Only addition for the day was a Large White which was fluttering around where the field edge has deeper greenery

13th May
Early morning visit in glorious sunshine produced some nice revisits of recorded species (Orange Tip, Carder Bee and Nettle Tap on White Dead-nettle). A profusion of warblers - but not yet Grasshopper, with Willow Warblers chasing each other in mating play and Coots nest building. A spider, two hovers of one species and a mushroom were gathered for scrutiny, and some plants photographed - some grasses and an aquatic  flowering plant emerging in the spillway. Also the Elaphrus mystery seems almost solved with assistance from GC, who reckoned it to be riparius with some ID hints I can check later

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