Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Gymnopus finally unlocked

Last thing before I went yomping around hills looking for bryophytes I finally managed (I hope) to resolve the identity of a fungus I picked up while moth trapping last week - Gymnopilus dryophilus/Collybia dryophila - Russet Toughshank. I hope anyway. I will put it out for consultation to see if this ID flies or gets shot down. Still lots to learn about fungus ID. (edit: thumbs up! phew)


The fruit body, c.7x5.5cm on grass beside willows

Spores - white and quite little, c.6x3.5um, inamyloid


Coralloid cystidia

More coralloid cystidia

Basidium with 4 sterigmata

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