Monday, 19 May 2014

Beetling about

After having made the decision not to pursue extra-curricular organisms, including beetles, I received a surprise identification from an earlier post of the Knotgrass Leaf Beetle, Chrysolina polita

Now it seems that I have another, Willow Leaf Beetle, Lochmaea caprea, which likes to hang about on Willows and birches - spot on for habitat. Its confusion species seems to be a congenitor which likes heather.

Well, I did say I would accept if other species threw themselves at me and demanded to be recognised.

Stop press:
Another species which seems intent on being ID'd is a Snipe-fly. Great looking bug and one of only 15 spp in the UK, so I fancy my chances a bit. Here's the bug and the key for when I catch one. It might even be do-able from the photos

key link

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