Wednesday, 11 June 2014


With the latest additions and some previous records determined/verified the total now is 437. With 20 days left of Q2 it needed 70 species to reach 500 (3.5/day) and now it's down to 63 (3.3/day). Some micro moth ID could leave it below 60. It's hard to see where that many species will come from, but they do keep coming! Moths will contribute with at least a couple of efforts on that front, and there must be more to come from vascular plants - not least grass. Maybe a bird or two and a hoverfly or two can chip in. there have been 75 new species recorded since the start of June - that's only the last ten days!

Latest additions - four moths and a grass
Festuca rubra    Red Fescue    2014-06-11
Odezia atrata    Chimney Sweep    2014-06-11
Drepana falcataria    Pebble Hook-tip    2014-06-10
Phalera bucephala    Buff-tip    2014-06-10
Rusina ferruginea    Brown Rustic    2014-06-10

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