Monday, 9 June 2014

Weekend 6-8th June

A significant number of species added to the list this weekend with some assistance from GC and RW, whose knowledge of many groups I now nothing about made for some otherwise impossible additions. I may have been able to do some of them in the end but honestly I wouldn't have tried! Some of the species we connected with I would have been able to do with four Lepidoptera - Common White Wave, Grass Rivulet, Latticed Heath, Common Blue - already identified and a micro or two in pots.

Three spp. of Hoverfly were added - Eristalis tenax, Dasysyrphus tricinctus and Playcheirus clypeatus. Other notable inverts were my first Cullaloe Striped Millipede and an old favourite Megabunus diadema, the Crowned Harvestman (my own name, but that's what it is!)

A few Coleoptera that never would have been recorded were added, with my favourites a four spotted weevil that like nettles - Nedyus quadrimaculatus - and  a nice red-legged red-edged ground beetle Leistus rufomarginatus

Apart from the hovers a number of flies also made their way into pots and a number of species await final determination - spider, beetle and fly. Three toadstools were also collected, but whether they produce an ID remains to be seen.

A big jump forward to the target 500 was made and may be enough to push to completion before end of Q2!

Common White Wave

Cantharis sp.

Nettle Weevil

Overly familiar Common Toad

Latticed Heath

Eristalis tenax

Striped Millipede

No doubt impossible toadstool

'Micro' awaiting ID

Work in progress

Decapitated Dasysyrphus

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