Monday, 30 June 2014

Weekend 28-29 June

Put out the moth trap and did a bit of hoverfly searching over the weekend. Moth trap did its part by turning up four new ones (maybe 5 - let's see!) and hoverfly netting turned up only already recorded species, except possibly one soldier beetle I still have to key out. I have also found Square-stalked Saint-John's Wort in a few places.

The mushroom turned out to be Amanita rubescens, which turned a lovely shade of pink on exposed surfaces when cut.

I also swept and keyed out the hoverfly Platycheirus granditarsis.

This leaves the current total at 497, without the soldier beetle, or the fungus on Aspen leaves, or the pondweed in the filter beds I just remembered, or the Willowherb there too ... looks like I might just make that 500 in the first half of the year!

New moths added:

Dark Arches

July Highflyer

Shoulder-striped Wainscot

Pandemis heparana

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