Friday, 27 June 2014

Fungal frolics

Since discovering the world of "Microfungi on Land Plants" I've been able to harvest a few straightforward 'ticks'. Identify the plant and most of the time you're almost there, with plants often playing host to rather specialised fungi.

I found this rust spectacularly over-running a Goat Willow at lunchtime. Not a good sign for the plant I would have guessed, but maybe it does this every year. I don't think so though. It seems to be Melampsora caprearum, but I have a sample to get under the microscope

In the woodland I found some rather large toadstools that had been eaten almost to nothing - gutted I missed those, but at the more emerging stage I wonder if this toadstool can be done. I'll be back to check on it later as I think it will look rather nice before it too is dismantled.

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