Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Geranium dissectum - Cut-leaved Geranium

A new species for the reserve, although far from rare. Tucked into the edges of the car park. Knowing it was a Geranium sp. helped, but it was the leaves that gave it away really, and I didn't know all the answers throughout the key. I feel like on this one I might have got there faster with Poland! (maybe...)

Stace (little)

1. Petals without claws
8. Annual/biennial
9. Petals < 10mm
11. Seeds smooth
12. Mericarps pubescent
13. Petals > 6mm, sepals > 3mm
14. Petals notched @ apex
15. Mericarps pubescent, pedicel <= 2.5cm
16. Leaves divided almost to base, habitat 'waste' ground -> G.dissectum

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