Friday, 13 June 2014

Dog vomit!

You never know what you're going to get when you take a trip outdoors. After significant rainfall I headed to Cullaloe in the hopes that I might at least find one new vascular plant for the year if nothing else, or maybe a fungus. I made my way into the small woodland through a field that used to be good for orchids (now Tufted Hair-grass, Meadowsweet, Tormentil, Marsh Thistle... ). On the way across this grassland I netted a few micro moths, although I am experiencing a high failure rate on ID. I have some obvious looking ones that I hope will pan out.

When it really got interesting though was when I got into the woodlands and found not one but two Slime moulds. Whether I will get them to species I don't know.  The yellow one looks like Fuligo septica, Dog's Vomit, but it's not in iRecord so either it isn't that (possible) or it has a synonym. Time will tell. The other one I have a feeling is one of a pair with similar appearance that I'll check later.

I did also pick up an Asteraceae species, but it's probably going to give me more headaches than the slime moulds!

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