Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Moths take list to 486

With the promise of a dry night I decided to try to chalk up a few moths, which turned out pretty well. Not a massive haul but a nice manageable increment on the list with 4 spp. new to the year list and the reserve list and one new to NT18 hectad 

New additions from yesterday (including a lunchtime plant)

Cryphia domestica Marbled Beauty
Geometra papilionaria Large Emerald
Graphiphora augur Double Dart
Ptilodon capucina Coxcomb Prominent
Stenotus binotatus Timothy Grassbug
Hypericum pulchrum Slender St John's-wort

All of the above were unrecorded on the reserve, so a decent haul. 14 species remaining to target with 4.5 days until end of June. One ground beetle in a pot. One Crambid type unidentified. Two unprocessed hoverflies (neither suspected to be new - one Cheilosia, one Sphaerophoria). Also one micro moth I suspect I have forgotten to add. But the sun is shining, and fingers are crossed. With a following wind we'll be into the last ten shortly!

Here's the stunning Large Emerald, also new to NT18

(all moth news on "Much Ado" at link)

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